Safran Labinal Power Systems is a global leader in aeronautical power and electrical systems, in which the company designs, generates, distributes, ventilates, and integrates all aspects of electrical systems for aircraft.

Electropak was requested by Safran Labinal Power Systems to manufacture a number of busbars, using several of our different facilities, from water cutting to machining to fabrication and powder coating.

Busbars are extremely versatile and have numerous benefits, from distributing power more efficiently to being able to easily customise them for any purpose. You can read more about the benefits of busbars here.

Safran Labinal Power Systems

Within aeronautical power and electrical systems, a busbar is used to connect the main electrical system to equipment throughout the aircraft, allowing for one location in which electricity is distributed throughout the entire electric system. This means that electrical power is constantly available to many different devices and circuit breakers can also be connected.

Busbars can also vary in size, especially when it comes to aircraft electrical power supplies. This is determined by the complexity and nature of the aircraft.

Safran Labinal Power Systems

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