Electropak Limited is a precision engineering company and busbars manufacturer with an outstanding range of facilities. We aim to provide a real solution to your engineering needs.

Established in 1986 and with ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Rev D aerospace approvals, our business is focused on manufacturing complete projects with all manufacturing done in-house and under our control. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff includes; project managers, machinists, sheet metal workers, welders and painters.

Electropak is committed to a culture of continuous improvement with quality and service being the foundation that our business is built upon. Our core values are:

  • People first. We will look after our people.
  • Customer focus. We will provide our customers with a quality product.
  • We will treat our suppliers and Government agencies fairly and honestly.

Our services



As one of the largest UK producers of copper and cuponal busbars, Electropak offers unmatched dedication to the quality fabrication and to the exact specifications of OEMs.

Laser & Water Jet Cutting

Laser and water jet cutting is the quickest and most accurate way to cut sheet metal. See how our integrated CAD software can utilise your sheet material effectively.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our water jet cutting machine gives our sheet metal facility the advantage of accuracy and the absence of notch marks, particularly within the aerospace and defence industries.

Painting & Powder Coating

We can offer a range of finishes to our fabricated and machined parts with our paint and powder coating capabilities.


Our CNC machines receive files electronically allowing us to offer our customers an efficient service and lead time on all our machined components.

Aerospace & Aircraft Engraving

Aerospace & Aircraft Engraving

Our wide range of computerised engraving machines means that we can engrave on all materials including stainless steel for the aerospace industry.

Milling & Turning

Our versatile range of CNC milling & turning machines enables us to manufacture precise components for rail, medical, marine, and aerospace.

Company news

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Testing of Epoxy Insulation Coatings on Busbars

Epoxy powder coating is a great way of insulating complex busbar shapes. At Electropak, we use the Resicoat range of coatings and SolEpoxy DK7-20H for higher-temperature applications. Epoxy insulation coatings are widely used for busbars due to their high mechanical...

Coded Welding: New Certification

At Electropak Ltd, investing in our people is a main priority, meaning we now have fully certified, coded welders for butt and fillet TIG welding in 2.0mm to 4.0mm thick mild steel. Our team of coded welders demonstrates the skill, experience and knowledge that goes...