Busbars for Aerospace Test Set

Electropak were approached by one of our customers to manufacture powder coated busbars for an aerospace test set. The busbars were water cut from copper sheet then formed on a brake press using custom tooling made in our tool room.

Then the busbars were machined on a milling machine in order to meet tight tolerances. The parts were then tin plated to improve their conductivity at the terminals before finally being epoxy powder coated for insulation.

We often use HLG03R resicoat powder, which is a busbar powder coat developed specifically for insulating busbars. The powder has excellent insulating properties and is also fire resistant and low smoke emitting. The busbar powder coat allows for the busbar to be fitted closer together in a system meaning that a greater number of busbars can be placed in a confined space.

Epoxy powder coating can be used to obtain a uniform surface and achieve higher insulation rating than wrap insulated heatsink insulated busbars. Electropak specialises in manufacturing insulated busbars, copper busbars and cuponal busbars for the aerospace, rail, medical and commercial industries.