Testing of Epoxy Coated Busbars

Electropak Ltd manufacturers a range of Busbars for the Rail, Aerospace and F1 Motorsport markets. We have found that HLG03R powder offers the most efficient electrical insulation compared to alternatives such as glass tape and Heat shrink.
HLG03R Epoxy powder coating is applied to the Busbars with the terminals masked. We can apply the coating at up to 0.5 mm thick. On completion the masking is removed and we test the insulation as follows:-

  1. Cross hatch adhesion test
  2. Elcometer coating thickness test
  3. Holiday Pin hole detection test
  4. Insulation test at 5000 v DC using a MIT515 meter. The insulation value at 0.25 mm thick is 1.5 Terra ohms. 2.0 Terra ohms is equivalent to 1.0M of air insulation.

We can provide a C of C for the Busbars with the insulation reading for each individual Busbar.

This process can have 2 different purposes:-

  • To provide insulation between individual Busbars when they are in a confined space. Or where the Busbars are reliant on air insulation it can be used as protection for personnel and to protect against tools being dropped on the Busbars
  • The coating also helps with heat dissipation from the Busbars.

epoxy busbar testing