Paint & Powder Coating

We can offer a range of finishes to our fabricated and machined parts. All parts can be finished in RAL or BS Colours, as well as special military / FED-STD-595 finishes. Our paint shop has a great reputation for quality and service and our finished parts go into the aerospace, motorsport and rail industries.

paint and powder coating

Defence Painting Specialists

Our painting and powder coating services and facilities include:

  • BSX32- 2 pack etch primer for aerospace components
  • BSX33- Epoxy primer for aerospace components. Enables long-term corrosion inhibition.
  • BSX34- 2 pack paint top coat for aerospace components. Available in a gloss or matt finish.
  • Water wash spray booth.
  • Zinc phosphate pre-treatment for steel parts.
  • Alochrom pre-treatment for aluminium parts.
  • Vapour degreasing and shot blasting facilities.
  • 2.0m x 1.7m x 4.5m computer controlled oven facility.
  • Specialised wet spray booth.
  • Track system.
  • Stock colours, including RAL, BS 4800 and Pantone shades.
  • Specialised masking.
  • Full test facility.