Insulated Busbar

Electropak builds insulated copper busbars, from your custom specification with a quick turn around – usually within 2-3 days. Insulated busbars can be designed and manufactured flat or shaped, depending on the use and project.

High standards of quality and technical expertise makes Electropak the number one choice for switchgear insulation and insulated busbars.

An expertly crafted designed copper bus bar, used either alone or in conjunction with a circuit board, can perform multiple tasks including distributing large amounts of current, mounting components, and wasted heat.

Insulated busbars will enable functionality as well as significant reduced cost. Busbars can be manufactured in various designs and cut lengths. Because the internal copper layers are free to flex within the insulation, our busbar engineersare able to twist and bend the bus bar into tight spaces within circuit or panel board assemblies.

Electropak can also drill or punch holes, form (bend and shape) and custom-cut copper busbars to any size your environment requires.

Have any questions? To get started with your insulated busbar project, either send us your own CAD design or ask our expert busbar engineers for a custom design service and we’ll do all the work for you.

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