We produce support legs for medical X-Ray scanners using a wide range of services. Firstly, the aluminium sheet is cut down to size quickly and effectively using our Bystronic Bystar 4020 laser cutter.

Our Bridgeport VMC 800 vertical milling machine is then programmed to profile the support legs accurately to within a tolerance of +-0.05mm. An end mill cutter is used to achieve the legs distant shape and the face mill cutter is used to machine the step.


A chamfer tool is then produces a 45 degree bevel on the edge of the support leg so that it can locate easier into the scanner. A hole is drilled and tapped in the end of the support leg before it is bent accurately on our press brake. Sharp edges and burrs are removed and the support leg is sent for alochrom treatment to provide a corrosion-resistant protective coating.

Multi Ply then attach a cover to 2 of the legs and send the components back to us to be degreased and have any imperfections filled in.

The product is then masked to the drawing and primed before we apply the polymerthane textured finish paint in the colour that the customer has specified. They are left to cure for 36 hour before we de-mask them, clean up the edges and conduct a final inspection.