Why use the traditional copper material for busbars when there are lower cost alternatives such as cuponal? Electropak have advanced cuponal busbar manufacturing equipment which offers exceptionally high levels of delivery performance, ensuring your project is finished within budget and on-time. Our cuponal busbar manufacturing process enables us to provide this busbar service to all customers throughout Lancashire and the United Kingdom.

Cuponal is the perfect choice material for marine and transformer industry sectors. Components can be punched or machined and the tin plating process is also offered in-house. We are able to source cuponal in several sizes and produce busbars and other components to your specification. Whatever the project, Electropak will deliver.

To speak to an experienced Electropak Cuponal Busbar specialists please telephone 01772 251444, we will be happy to help with your project enquiry:

  • We provide busbar production to the highest standards and specifications
  • All our busbar manufacturing equipment is Hi-Tech and provided in house
  • Our equipment allows for advanced design techniques
  • We are ISO 9001 & AS9100 Rev D approved
  • Electropak deliver every busbar project On Time, Every Time
  • Date of delivery is always 100%
  • Fast response with spot and lead times uaully only 3 days
  • We can provide busbar manufacturing for one-off requirements and much larger production volumes
  • We are capable completing complex shapes/ edge-bending capability to reduce copper usage and assembly time
  • Assembly of earth bars and insulators can be carried out if required
  • In-house electroplating facility: silver, tin and zinc
  • Sleeving supplied and fitted if required

You can supply your 3D drawings or allow our experienced technical team help to optimise the cost and design before busbar manufacturer. We can supply a full range of copper, aluminium and cuponal sizes and can process up to 16mm thick by 200mm wide in lengths of up to four metres on our advanced CNC hole-cut machines. Of course we can also carry out the process for larger sections using Electropak’s CNC and conventional machining techniques.

Our rates are competitive and we promise you won’t find a more reputable company to carry out the work on your project other than Electropak. with years of experience in busbar manufacturing place your trust in us to deliver on time and on budget.

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