At our Wetherall Street site, Preston, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in aerospace services. Among our variety of cutting-edge facilities, lies our paint treatment facility, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.

Environmental Control and Precision: Nestled within our facility are three paint booths, each under stringent environmental control measures. These booths serve as the nucleus of our paint treatment process, ensuring optimal conditions for the application of coatings critical to aerospace components.

Complementary Systems for Optimal Efficiency: In tandem with our paint booths, our facility boasts two flash-off ovens and two low-bake ovens. These systems play a pivotal role in expediting the curing process for impeccable finishes and adherence to industry standards.

Central to our operational ethos is that our entire facility is safeguarded within a controlled environment. This holistic approach not only mitigates environmental impact, but also ensures consistent and predictable outcomes for our clients.

Aligned with our AS9100 Rev. D and BAE Systems approvals, our paint facility meets all levels of compliance and quality assurance. Every aspect of our operations, from process control to material selection, is calibrated to meet and exceed the exacting demands of the aerospace industry.

From environmental sustainability to precision engineering, every facet of our operation is geared towards elevating customer satisfaction and setting new benchmarks in industry standards. Take a look at our full service offering here.