In the intricate world of electrical components, the importance of a reliable coating cannot be overstated. Electropak takes this commitment seriously, employing advanced powder coating techniques to enhance the durability and performance of Busbars.

The application of powder coating involves a meticulous process, ensuring the integrity of the coating from edge to edge. Let’s delve into the key steps Electropak takes to guarantee a flawless finish on Busbars through both electrostatic spray and fluidised bed methods.

1. Edge Preparation: Crafting Resilient Foundations

The foundation of a robust coating lies in the preparation of the Busbar’s edges. A smooth edge is crucial to avoid weak points that may lead to undesirable defects like Pinholes. Electropak employs tailored approaches based on the Busbar’s composition. For machined Busbars, the machine shop utilises a precision radius cutter to craft a smooth curve, mitigating the risk of coating weaknesses. On the other hand, fabricated sheet metal Busbars undergo a meticulous process involving hand sanding or the use of the state-of-the-art Rosler vibratory Tumbler machine to achieve the necessary edge perfection.

2. De-Gas: Paving the Way for Purity

Copper and Aluminium, commonly used in Busbars, possess a porous nature that can absorb contaminants like oil during machining or fabrication. To counter this, Electropak employs a De-Gas process. The Busbars undergo controlled heating in an Oven, allowing any absorbed oil within the metal to outgas. This crucial step ensures the Busbars are free from impurities, providing a clean canvas for the subsequent coating process.

3. Cleaning: The Final Touch for Pristine Surfaces

Before the magic of powder coating unfolds, a final cleaning and de-greasing process is paramount. This meticulous step ensures the removal of any remaining contaminants, ensuring the Busbars are pristine and ready for the transformative coating. Electropak’s commitment to cleanliness at this stage guarantees a flawless application, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the coated Busbars.

4. Masking: Precision in Every Detail

Meeting customer requirements with precision is a hallmark of Electropak’s service. The masking process is tailored to the unique needs of each project. For straightforward masking, high-temperature tape off the shelf is employed. However, for projects demanding intricate designs and complex shapes, Electropak leverages cutting-edge technology. A CAD file is generated, guiding their Plotter to cut masks with utmost precision. This approach ensures that each Busbar is masked to perfection, safeguarding designated areas from the coating process.

The application of powder coating to Busbars at Electropak is a meticulous journey from edge to edge. The commitment to perfection is evident in every step, from the initial edge preparation to the final masking. By prioritising precision, cleanliness, and tailored solutions, Electropak ensures that the coated Busbars not only meet, but exceed the expectations of durability and performance in the demanding realm of electrical components. As technology advances, Electropak continues to innovate, setting the standard for excellence in the powder coating of Busbars.