Epoxy powder coating is a great way of insulating complex busbar shapes. At Electropak, we use the Resicoat range of coatings and SolEpoxy DK7-20H for higher-temperature applications. Epoxy insulation coatings are widely used for busbars due to their high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, and resistance to environmental factors. However, the quality of these coatings can be affected by various factors, such as the curing process, substrate preparation, and application techniques. It’s essential to test the epoxy insulation coatings on busbars to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.

To ensure the integrity of the coating, we test the dielectric strength of the coating at up to 5000v DC using an MIT515 meter. We can then record the dielectric strength on the busbar packaging and certification.


We also use a Holiday meter to detect any pin holes in the coating. If any pin holes are found the busbar is stripped and re-coated.


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