Our new paint facility is now up and running at our Wetherall Street works. As a business we manufacture and paint parts for the aerospace, defence, rail, F1, high performance electric vehicles and medical sectors. In addition to painting our own parts we offer a sub-contract painting service and because of the excellent service we provide, there has been an increase in demand.

The new facility is ideal for water-based paints and consists of two environmentally controlled spray booths, two flash off booths and a low bake oven. This enables the complete paint process to be dust free and environmentally controlled.

Our recent video, showcases the new paint facility.

The flash off booths also enable the paint to dry at a controlled temperature and humidity, which ensures that gloss and texture levels are always consistent. From the flash off booths the parts can go to the low bake oven for hardening if required.
Our new facility means that we have now tripled our capacity. Furthermore, we can release painted parts to AS9100 rev D, ISO 9001:2015 as well as specific customer approvals.

For more information, or to receive a quotation:
Telephone: 01772 251444
Email: sales@electropak.net