The last 12 months has seen exciting developments in electric supercars with their quick, silent and efficient acceleration exciting even the most devoted petrol heads.

Busbars are used in the battery packs and powertrain systems of electric supercars. Traditional cell connections such as welded wires and lugs are susceptible to failure when subjected to vibration in a high performance vehicle. Electropak has developed custom busbar solutions with powertrain manufacturers to help overcome this.

We can manufacture busbars from a range of materials to suit the customer’s needs. Aluminum busbars are attractive as they offer reliable electric performance and are lightweight, typically 50 per cent lighter than copper. Most of the busbars we manufacture for Formula E racing cars are made from aluminium.

Copper is a superior conductor material to aluminium, meaning smaller busbars can be used in a compact system where space is at a premium.

Both copper and aluminium busbars can be insulated using Resicoat, which is ideal for insulating complex shapes and has excellent insulation properties. This allows for the busbars to be fitted close together in the confined space of a powertrain system.

We also have the facilities to test the insulation. We carry out a thickness test, pin hole test and also test the insulation at 5000 volts DC. A typical insulation value at 5000 volts is 1.4 Terra ohms.

We are now manufacturing parts for the Spark SRT05E electric racing car AKA the Spark Gen2 – the first Formula E car capable of completing a full-race distance:-