CNC AS9100 Machining Facilities – Electropak have met the exceptionally high standards required to achieve this prestigious accreditation within the aerospace engineering industry.

Electropak has a wide range of CNC machining facilities which enables us to produce precision components in large batches as well as one-offs. Milling, turning and surface grinding are carried out by our skilled machinists to produce custom precision components for our customers. Electropak produces a wide range of machined components for the; Aersospace, defence, rail, marine and medical industries. Our machining capability allows us to accurately remove material from the workpiece in order to produce precision part.

Whether it be design and technical advice on prototypes or production runs we at Electropak can offer the solution

CNC Machining Turning

Operated by highly skilled engineers, our CNC turning lathe delivers fast, cost effective, precision turned parts in a wide variety of materials including, ferrous, non-ferrous metals, tool steels and nylon. Whatever the size of project, from prototypes to batch work and large production runs, clients benefit from our experience, technical advice, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries of quality products.

CNC Machining Milling

Our CNC milling services deliver precision machined parts in virtually any material. Our milling capacity extends to 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm allowing you the flexibility have a high quality finish in a wide range of sizes.

CNC Machining Drilling

Our CNC Drilling services are ideal for products requiring accurate holes and hole centres. The CNC drilling lathe is high speed, cost effective and a engineering solution suitable for prototypes, batch work and large production runs. We are based in Preston, Lancashire and service the entire North West but are also happy to quote and complete projects for clients across the UK.