Busbar Engineers

Copper Bus Bar Engineers and Manufacturing

We manufacture Copper links and busbars to suit a variety of applications in the electrical engineering industry. Based in Preston, we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precision engineered components and copper Busbar Systems.

Our clients include aerospace, motorsport, rail, power generation, telecommunications, factory automation, clean energy, and transportation companies. Our focus on product quality is the key to our success and we only ever use the highest quality materials to provide you with first rate products. Electropak are committed to ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technology, including the latest CNC equipment which has helped us win contracts in emerging sectors such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Copper Bus Bars

Solid copper busbars are rigid, high-conductivity copper electrical conductors, which carry electricity within power distribution applications. Copper busbars are specified for high current, high voltage distribution and control applications including switchgear, transformers, control panels, panel boards and fusegear.

  • Our ISO9001 and AS9100 rev C approval enables Electropak to manufacture Bus bars for specialist industries such as aerospace and F1 motorsport.
  • We can offer a range of finishes on bus bars such as tin plate, silver plate, fluidized bed powder coated insulation and electrostatic spray powder coated insulation.


As bus bar engineers we specialise in fabricating high-quality copper bus bars using state of the art equipment. Electropak have the experience and machining capabilities to provide you with the perfect solution.