Welded Assemblies

Welding is completed by our fully-trained and experienced Electropak welders.

Our welding services include Laser, CO2, spot, projection and CD welding. We weld low to high volume runs to a high quality standard and cost effectively for our clients throughout the North West and the whole of the UK.

High speed, one operation, in-press welding is a hallmark capability at Electropak allowing us to develop the most consistent, high quality welded contact assemblies in the industry.  By connecting our weld head design to a large bed, high speed vertical press via an innovative actuator, we can dramatically increase production speeds to up to 800 assemblies per minute.

  • Wire welding for a low cost option – Weldable contact materials (e.g.: Ag, AgCu, AgNi) can be welded as wire and coined to final shape,  taking advantage of wire as the lowest cost input material form.
  • Tape welding for applications requiring weld resistant contact materials (AgSnO2, AgCdO) or multi-layer contact tapes.
  • Manual welding for low-quantity or R&D – Electropak also offers a range of manually welded assemblies to support limited production and new  product development/prototype efforts.  This capability also allows the welding together of two assemblies to facilitate complex multi-material system configurations.

Benefits of our Welded Assemblies

  • Extensive welding services
  • CO2, Spot, Projection & CD Welding
  • Weld low to high volume runs
  • Experienced welders or robotic welders
  • Excellent quality standard
  • Cost competitive
  • Fast production


MIG and TIG Welding

Electropak performs a number of welding processes. The two most common welding processes we use include TIG, an acronym for Tungsten Inert Gas welding and MIG, an acronym for Metal Inert Gas welding. TIG is also referred to as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) and Heliarc®. MIG also is referred to as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). The “Metal” in Gas Metal Arc Welding refers to the wire that is used to start the arc. It is shielded by inert gas and the feeding wire also acts as the filler rod.

MIG is used to weld many materials, and different gases are used to form the arc depending on the materials to be welded together. An argon CO2 blend is normally used to weld mild steel, aluminum, titanium, and alloy metals. Helium is used to weld mild steel and titanium in high speed process and also copper and stainless steel. Carbon dioxide is most often used to weld carbon and low alloy steels. Magnesium and cast iron are other metals commonly welded used the MIG process.

With stamping and welding capabilities, Electropak finishes and builds metal assemblies with precision and always on time and on budget.

  • Metal Stamping capability 32 to 400 Tons
  • CNC milling
  • MIG welding and TIG welding
  • Assembly capability
  • Finishing – Anodizing and Powder-coating
  • ISO-9000/TS-16949 Certified

Our AS 9100 Rev C approval means that we can produce welded assemblies for the aerospace industry.

Whatever the project, to speak to an experienced welder today about the welded assemblies services you require please call (01772) 251444.